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A Seriously Rich Dessert I Can't Resist!

Today's my birthday and as much as I like being given a box of good quality chocolates or an extravagant £$£$ gift, nothing does it more for me than dipping into a nice pot of panna cotta. Whether it be traditional vanilla or flavoured panna cotta, the velvety texture and rich creamy flavour of this dessert leaves you wanting more. I can remember the first time I had it (while out with my in-laws) I was not impressed with the simplicity of the desert (double/heavy cream, vanilla pod, sugar, gelatine) and thought it would taste average. Well, with the first spoonful, I instantly feel in love. The sensation I had as i Indulged in this pot of yumminess was like receiving long gentle kisses by the one I desire. I savoured every spoonful and wanted to get the authentic recipe ASAP. I couldn't stop thinking about this dessert. Luckily, in my gigantic cookbook/reference on the various regions of Italy and their cuisine, I found the recipe for panna cotta which is from the Val D' Aosta region of Italy . I tried various flavours but, always preferred traditional vanilla. The only thing I tweeked was the type of heavy/double cream I use. Recipe below.

500ml extra rich double (heavy) cream, 25ml whole (full fat) milk, 1 Vanilla Pod, 3-4 tbs caster sugar (I use my homemade vanilla sugar for more vanilla punch), 4 gelatine leaves.

Add gelatine leaves in cold water. Under medium heat add double (heavy) cream, milk, vanilla pod sliced open seeds removed and also added to cream, and sugar. Stir to combine until cream has heated through (do not boil) and turn off heat. Remove gelatine leaves from water and squeeze out excess fluid. Add gelatine leaves to heated cream and stir. Pour into individual pot or moulds and place in fridge till set (four hours). The panna cotta should wobble when moved. This dessert could be served in the individual pots or turned out on a dessert plate by dipping mould into hot water for a few seconds run a knife around the edge of mould and turn out on serving plate.

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