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About Fehmalee...

The concept behind Fehmalee's Kitchen is family cooking and tradition. I have created a product that celebrates the strong, influential people in my life, who have inspired me to be the cook I am today. Coming from a large family, gathering were like Tudor banquets. Whoever was hosting for that occasion had lots and lots of help when it came to cooking. My favourite holiday was Thanksgiving at grandma's. That's when my mother, grandmother, aunts and uncles would be in the kitchen creating dishes they specialized in. There were so, many varieties of food, every plate looked like a culinary passport. There would be Jamaican, American, Italian, Chinese, British, Mexican, Indian, French, Japanese and Greek cuisine laid out on the table for our choosing. I've always admired how everyone would work together seamlessly in a small kitchen. There was just a rhythmic flow that was great to watch. My responsibility was to help lay the table and eventually got promoted to kitchen duty. I can still smell the wonderful aromas, the intoxicating herbs and spices coming from that kitchen. Food plays a major role in my family. I guess what we all like besides the eating is preparing it, showing our skills and being praised for it.

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