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Are your seasonings completely natural?

All the herbs and spices used in our seasonings are 100% natural and organic. We do not use unnatural harmful preservatives of any kind or animal products. Our Seasonings are vegan friendly.


Is your All-Purpose Seasoning 

like a bouillon cube?

No. Our All-Purpose Seasoning is a combination of organic herbs and spices when added to your food brings out the flavour of each ingredient in your dish making it more potent and enjoyable to eat.  It's a versatile seasoning, that can be added to your food during the cooking process and/or simply sprinkled over your food after cooking when you're ready to serve.  Our seasoning can be used for making salad dressings (or added to store bought dressings to give it more life), savoury bakes, used as a marinade for meats and veggies, stocks and much more (I have a customer who enjoys our flavour enhancer as a herbal tea). We've created this seasoning keeping in mind those who are sensitive to salt, chilli, gluten, glucose, pepper and have not added these ingredients to our seasoning allowing the user control of how much they want to add to their food.  This is a wonderful product that everyone can enjoy and is a must have staple in your kitchen cupboard.

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