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Simple Seasoning

I have been asked by many customers and followers of my blog if my seasoning range is for cooking specific dishes or if they are all purpose seasonings. The answer to that question is yes and yes. My seasoning range is very versatile and can be used on it’s own, they can all be combined with out being over powering or used to enhance the favours of classic dishes. The seasonings can be the star or show or behind the scene. It all depends on the dishes you are creating and how much intensity of the flavours you want to highlight.

When I‘m extremely busy with work or exhausted from work and need to prepare dinner for the family but, can’t stand the thought of whipping you a long drawn out meal, all I do is get my meat or fish add a teaspoon of the base seasoning with ½ tsp of coconut oil or olive oil and pop it in the oven until it’s cooked and serve on a bed of salad leaves with a dressing of ½ tsp flavour enhancer, 1 tbsp olive oil and the juice of 1 lemon dressing, 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar (whisked).


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