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Black/Rum Cake Fruit Soak

I’ve finally decided to make my family’s Jamaican rum/black cake this Christmas. The count down begins and it’s only September. There are small Xmas decoration displays in stores already. So, I’ll take this as a hint to start my rum cake fruit soak

As a child my mom, grand mother and aunts all had their fruits soaking away in port and Jamaican white rum. Some had their preserves for years and just topped it up after using what was needed. They always said the longer the fruits soak in the port the better the flavour. The concept is no different to Christmas fruit cake but, with a really noticeable alcohol kick.

For this fruit soak, I used a combination of raisins, currants, candied orange & lemon peel, dried pitted prunes and glace cherries. I’m making a large amount to start off my fruit soak family tradition. For smaller quantities just half the recipe.

Some people like to have their fruits soaking for a max of two weeks. I’ve grown up eating spectacular black cake where the fruits were soaking for at least 6 months. The question depends on how potent you want the port, rum/brandy flavours to come through. I started my fruit soak in September it will soak for 3 months before I take a bit out to make my Christmas cake. Then top up with a bit more fruits and port, reseal and leave to soak till next Christmas. So on and so forth…


2kg dried mixed fruits, 500g dried pitted prunes (chopped), 200g glace cherries (chopped) 2 (75cl) bottles of Port, 1 cup of white rum or brandy (optional).


In a large bowl add the mixed fruits, prunes (chopped) and glace cherries (chopped). Mix to evenly combine. Place fruits in a 6 litre preserve jar and pour in the rum or brandy. Then add the port. There will be a bit of port left from the second bottle. Set aside as the fruits will plump up in a day or so and you will need to topping up with more port (the fruits must be submerged in the port). Cover jar with lid and store in a cool dark place until needed.


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