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Harsin Chilli Oil

What do you do with unused chillies that are drying up? Make chilli oil of course. Flavoured oils are a great way to leave no waste. Just leave chillies uncovered in a bowl to dry up completely (in my warm kitchen this process takes 2 months) until they are chilli flakes when crushed.

Here’s my kick arse chilli oil.

Ingredients: I dried my own chillies by leaving them in a bowl for 2 months.

350g dries whole birds eye chilli, 100g dried scotch bonnet chillies (crushed), 375ml extra virgin olive oil, 1 tsp fehmalee’s kitchen flavour enhancer


In a jar large add chillies (crush some and leave a few whole), flavour enhancer. Shake jar then add enough olive oil to cover chillies. Stir to combine and cover with lid.

Place in a dark place for 4 weeks before use.


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