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Simple Yogurt Dessert

This is a very simple recipe that has a few ingredients. You may not consider it a dessert, more like a quick breakfast. However, it’s enjoyable after a rich, heavy meal. I had this at a friend’s dinner party a few years back and when it was presented to me I gave her a look of disappointment as I was expecting a show stopper. Not a cocktail glass with a blob of plain yogurt with a spoon in the middle. The first, second, third and last spoonful was a joy to eat.

If you need a quick dessert idea give this recipe a try.


600g tub of Greek yogurt, 250g bottle set honey, ½ tsp Madagascar vanilla extract
Other items: cocktail glasses, teaspoons


Add vanilla extract to yogurt, stir to combine. Fill cocktail glasses with 2-3 dessert spoonfuls of yogurt. Scoop out set honey with each teaspoon and place in cocktail glass. Then serve.


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