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Christmas Feast...

I love Christmas. Everything about this holiday makes me happy and eager to have my home, food and entertainment perfect. My theme this year is traditional decor mixed with Scottish tartan undertones. So, the tree is presented in red, green, gold baubles and other elegant decorations with tartan ribbon weaved throughout the tree. I have wrapped the gifts in tartan wrapping paper and I made plush velvet and embossed velvet cushion covers.

Our menu entails traditional turkey, pineapple & honey glazed pork, locally sourced Wild venison fillet layered with pheasant and pigeon breast stuffed with plum and mulled wine venison sausage meat and wrapped in bacon, brussel sprouts with pancetta, goose fat roast potatoes, herb roasted carrots, cheese souffle, bread sauce, cranberry sauce, Spanish Rioja, French Shiraz and other festive beverages.

For me Turkey is a must have during the holidays and here is how I make mine.

Turkey Brine

4 litres water, 1tbs orange zest and the juice of 1 orange, 150g sea salt, 1tbs black peppercorns, 1 cinnamon stick, 1tbs Fehmalee’s Kitchen flavour enhancer, 4 cloves, 1 tbs allspice berries, 4 star anise, 2 bay leaves, 100g sugar, 2 onions (quartered), ½ fresh root ginger (sliced), 1 bunch of fresh thyme, 4.5 kg turkey

Basting Glaze

75 g Butter, 1tbs Flavour Enhancer


Put the water into your largest cooking pot or a bucket or plastic bin. Add zest, juice from the orange then add all the other ingredients, stirring to combine.

Remove the giblets from turkey, then add to liquid, topping up with more water if it is not completely submerged.

Keep covered in a cold place for 1-2 days for all the ingredients to penetrate turkey. When ready to cook, wipe turkey dry with kitchen paper and allow it to get to room temperature (1-2 hours) before basting and placing into oven.


Melt butter and mix flavour enhancer together to for a herby glaze. Brush the turkey with the glaze before roasting in the oven, and baste periodically throughout the cooking time. Follow the cooking time that came with your turkey. For my bird I cooked for 2.25hours at 200ºC plus 30 minutes resting time.



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