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Chocolate Covered Ice Cream Bon Bons

Ice cream bon bons are very easy to make and moreish so, be careful as you could end up eating a whole tub of ice cream. I like making these when I host play dates. The kids love them and it's a great excuse for mum Indulge. This is a possible Father's Day treat for hubby as he goes mad for chocolate and chocolate ice cream.

Ingredients: Frozen Real dairy vanilla ice-cream ( Ice cream flavour of choice), 1 bar of good quality chocolate 65% cacao, 1tsp vanilla extract, 1/4tsp butter (room temperature)

Scoop ice cream with a melon baller for bite size balls of ice cream. Place them on a grease proof paper lined tray and stick a tooth pic in each ball then return to freezer. In a microwave-proof bowl, break chocolate bar into pieces and either microwave or melt chocolate over a pot of boiling water. When chocolate starts to melt add vanilla and butter then stir (don't overheat chocolate). Leave to cool down without allowing the chocolate to set.

With a spoon, coat ice cream with chocolate (you will be holding the tooth pic end) and gently turn to cover completely. Place the chocolate-coated ice cream balls back on tray and return to freezer until set. Then serve.


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